2019 BHTM Danube River Cruise

Registration is Closed at this Time

Information Required at the Time of Registration: You will only be allowed to access your registration page once and you will require the following information for both passengers: Full name as it appears on your passport; Contact email address and telephone number (Lead Passenger only); Passport information including number, date of issue, date of expiration; Emergency contact (Lead passenger only); T-shirt size; Any medical or dietary notifications or restrictions. For those persons without a current passport you may leave blank and provide at a later time. For those persons who do not know the name of the passenger accompanying them on the cruise, you may leave the 2nd passenger information blank and provide at a later time.

Note- The person who places the original registration (the “Lead Passenger”) is responsible for full payment of the cruise fare, port taxes and fees, and pre-paid gratuities. Cruise and billing information will only be sent by email to the Lead Passenger's email address provided with your registration. Make sure you provide an email address which is accurate and which you check on a regular basis.

Payments: Deposit payments must be received within 15 days of registration or the registration may be voided. Payment by check or money order only. See the Rates Page for full Payment and Cancellation information.

Refer a Fan Promotion: For those new registrants who were referred by a currently registered passenger and wish to receive credit for the referral, you must list the referring person’s name on your online registration form in the “Miscellaneous- Notes” section. No credit will be given after your form is submitted.

Travel Insurance is strongly recommended. While we do not recommend any specific insurance providers, please understand there are many factors to consider when selecting a travel insurance policy. Policies may be very specific to the person(s) being insured and take into consideration items such as personal health, employment situation, other insurance coverage, length of travel, etc. It is important to make sure you are purchasing a travel policy which suits your specific needs. Click here for an informative article on choosing the travel insurance coverage that is right for you. It is a bit long but worth reading.