Registration 2018 Caribbean

Please contact Local Knowledge for information on future Big Head Todd and the Monster sailings-

Registration Instructions

All Registrants should note the following General Registration Information and Requirements:

  • The person submitting the cruise registration will be the “Lead Passenger”. This is the person whose name the cruise booking will be registered under and who will be responsible for all transactions, payments, and correspondence associated with the account.
  • Once you have completed this registration form you will click on the button to “Submit” at the bottom of the page. You should then view a confirmation screen acknowledging your successful registration for the cruise and an email copy of this confirmation will be sent to you.
  • Passenger Info Required: Names as they appear on passports, Dates of Birth, Places of Birth, Citizenship.
  • Passport Info Required: Passport Number, Date of Issue, Date of Expiration.
  • Shirt Size (Men's SM-3X; Women's SM-XL).
  • Dietary Restriction and Allergy information.
  • Any physical conditions, limitations or restrictions you feel we should be aware of.
  • *All new registrations require a payment of 50% of the cruise fare within 10 days of registration. Final Balance Due June 15, 2018.
  • Deposit and All Future Payments must be Made by Check: Due to the nature of this full ship charter, only checks or money orders will be accepted for deposits and payments.

Please read fully on the Rates Page the Cruise Rates, Payment Schedule, and Change/Cancellation Policies before registration.

Cruise Terms and Conditions- Click Here